"Class" Teachings
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教師たちの秘密の放課後 | After School Affairs (Video Game)
Rikiya Mononobe, Original Female Character(s), Kenzo Yasukawa
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Published: 2017-01-25 Words: 1663

"Class" Teachings


"No one's here silly. We can finally have us some alone time."

During school hours, Rikiya and I are just co-workers. Once it's dark and every student and teacher is gone, the lights turn off and the curtains closes in the class. Rikiya whispers in my ear and my heart pounds in my chest as he kisses me greedily. If these moments ever stop, I don't know what I'll do. This just shows how much I love Rikiya.

"Class" Teachings

"This is what I call a challenge."

I whisper to myself as Rikiya teaches the class. It's kind of boring so I'm playing this amazing game Kenzo got me hooked on. Every so often, I look up to make sure Rikiya isn't looking at me. When the last bell rings, all the students file out which leaves me and Rikiya alone. After filing papers, I stretch and see that the sky is dark blue.

"I'm going to Kenzo's office now. I'll be back in a few minutes."

I get up and open the door. When I do, Rikiya shuts it tight and holds me close to him.

"No one's here silly. We can finally have us some alone time."

"Maybe I was going to get something."

Rikiya turns off the lights and closes the curtains in the classroom. He grabs my arm and takes me to the back of the class where a long table stands. Rikiya sits me on the table and kisses me greedily. They said no love was allowed at Seishun, but Rikiya and I couldn't even follow that rule. I kiss him with the same greed and pull him close to me. The longer we kiss, the hotter our bodies get. Rikiya begins loosen the buttons on my shirt.

"I always feel lonely during school without your sexy body. I'm the only one that gets to touch it like this."

"Like what?"

"Like this."

Once Rikiya loosens the last button, he kisses me again and rubs his hands up and down my sides. I feel like just sitting here, but I quickly wrap my arms around Rikiya's neck and he pulls me closer to him. As far as anyone knows, Rikiya just likes to tease me about silly things, but to be honest, Rikiya teases me in other ways. I can't help but wonder if Rikiya ever thought of taking our relationship to another level. When our lips part, Rikiya's hands run down to my hips and he holds me tight.

"You want more, right?"

"I couldn't ask for anything else."

With that, Rikiya's hands move down to my thighs, under my skirt. He kisses me with more love and begins to tease my body. I can hear the classroom's heater turn on and the class gains heat. The more Rikiya teases me, I begin to sweat not only because of him, but because of the heat. I fall back and Rikiya climbs on top of me. It's really hard to breath because of the kisses but I don't mind. I rather have it this way than being able to breath. I feel Rikiya's fingers and I pull his body so close to mine I can feel his sweat. All I want is for him to touch me in the right spot and I could be so relieved from all my stress. Every time I pray Rikiya will touch me right, he keeps avoiding it. To get what I want, I slip my hand under Rikiya's shirt and begin rubbing my hand against his stomach, where I can feel his abs. He slightly jerks from it as I move my hand up his torso. Rikiya separates his lips from mine and moves towards my neck. The way he bites at it makes me jerk. When I do, Rikiya touches me right and I arch my back. I feel his wet fingers move within me even faster. He moves his lips from my neck and smiles satisfied.

"Took you long enough. I thought you lost your youth."

I pant heavily as I move my hand from under Rikiya's shirt. I grab his hand and pull it from under my skirt.

"You really...shouldn't be talking. I aren't fast enough...for my body. I wished you...touched me sooner."

"Stop complaining. You're just lucky I wasn't really in the mood to make you cry and moan."

"I would've... really enjoyed it. I like hearing myself moan."

I wake up like any other day and roll on my side to see Rikiya beside me sleeping. I grin at his sleeping face and touch his cheek with my hand.

"What's so funny? Come here you."


Rikiya pulls me towards him and kisses me. Waking up beside him like this makes me wish we could be more. When our lips part, he looks at me with enthusiasm.

"How well can you cook? I've been dying to try your cooking."

"You will have to wait and see. Remember last night? Like I had to wait, you're going to do the same."

"Well aren't you quite the punisher. Should I entertain you to lift my punishment?"

"Nope. I've already told you wait and see. Wait! You could always tease me again. I'll even let you take control."

Rikiya climbs on top of me and licks my lips. He grins as he takes my shirt off. I smile happily as Rikiya begins to strip me. Before he begins to massage my clit, he stops moving.

"On second thought...I could wait and see."

Rikiya gets off me and walks out my room. Shocked, I pull my clothes back on and follow Rikiya.

"You can't just do that Rikki!"

"And why not? Its way too early for that. I'm not in the mood to fulfill your lustful desires."

"Lustful desires?! Please Rikki. I promise I won't bother you anymore. I'll be a good girl."

I walk up to Rikiya and push my hand against his crotch. He just stares at me and sighs. Rikiya grabs my hand and takes me to the kitchen. He grabs a big pot and a spoon.

"Okay babe. I'm going to show you your ultimate lady job as a girlfriend. You cook, clean and do landury. It's the man's job to decide whether or not a night is perfect for sex. I'm the man and you're the lady. Now...can you stop bugging about having sex with you? Whenn I'm ready, I'll make my move."

Rikiya hands me the pot and spoon and grabs a drink from the refrigerator. I stare at him and sigh. I guess my whole sex ideal is gone. Without anymore distractions, I begin cooking.

"Here you go! One homemade plate for an amazing boyfriend!"

"Thanks babe! Want some?"

I shake my head and begin playing my game on the TV. Rikiya calls me multiple times but I am positive to ignore him. If I can't get my way, why would I possibly talk to him? I feel Rikiya sit behind me and wrap his arms around me.


"You wanted me, so I'll give you me."

Rikiya stands up with me still in his arms and slides his hand into my pants. I let out a little yelp as he tightly squeezes my ass.

"I always wonder how you can fit your fat ass in such tight pants."

"S-stop worrying about that! It's none of your busin-Ahh!"

I moan loudly as Rikiya roughly massages my clit. I lean forward and rest my hands on the living room table as Rikiya continues to roughly massage me. From the way he breathes, I can tell he's smirking behind me.

"Satisfied yet? Or do you want more?"

"... Please."

At that moment, Rikiya pulls me on his lap as he sits on the couch. More moans escape my lips as Rikiya begins to stick two fingers inside me. He moves his fingers fast within as I begin to squirt on his hand. I can feel Rikiya's breath right on my ear as he whispers.

"Damn babe...You're so wet. Open wide now."

"Open wide for wha-"

Before I can finish speaking, Rikiya sticks his wet fingers in my mouth. I begin sucking Rikiya's fingers as he uses his other hand to stroke himself. I can't help but look down and see his length. Blushing, I focus my attention back on sucking Rikiya's fingers. Using my hand, I begin to finger myself as precum falls onto Rikiya's hand. He lifts his hand towards my mouth and I begin to suck away the precum as he takes full control of my vagina.

"You look really sexy blushing and moaning like that. Can you do it again?"

I take Rikiya's fingers out my mouth and take my shirt off. Rikiya peers over my shoulder as I begin to finger myself. He grabs my breast and begin to squeeze them.

"Mhmm. Never thought you were so bold to do that. What's gotten into you?"

"'s hard to when your boyfriend hot. Besides...I'm really in the...mood to...I can't even finish talking."

Rikiya knows that I'm in the verge of squirting, so he bites my neck. His bites on me are so effective that I immediately squirt all on my hand. Rikiya takes my hand and puts it in his mouth. I can hear the doorbell to my apartment ring, but I ignore it. For some reason, Rikiya's hears it and gets up with me in his arms. I struggle to get free, but he holds me tight.

"What do you want?"

Rikiya answers the door and Kenzo is standing there. He stares baffled between me and Rikiya as I try to get free.

"I-it's not what it looks like. I was ju-"

"It's exactly what it looks like. Care to join us?"


Both me and Kenzo exclaim at the same time. Soon, a smile appears on Kenzo's face as he looks me up and down.

"I never knew you had such a full body. I'll be happy to give you a thorough examination."

I look up at Rikiya as he smiles at Kenzo. Since I can't go against it, I change my voice to a sexy, seductive tone.

"I look forward to it, doctor. And I hope you can teach me well, teach. 'Bout time I catch up in class and my health. Oh! But we have to keep it a secret."


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