A Friend in Need
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赤ずきんチャチャ | Akazukin Chacha
Chacha, Riiya, Shiine, Seravy
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Awful AUs
Published: 2015-07-05 Words: 382

A Friend in Need


Awful AU #1 “My fridge just broke and I have to eat all of this food will you please help me?” AU Chacha is left alone for a few days while Seravy goes out to run some errands. But something happens that requires her to call upon her friends to help her.

A Friend in Need

"I'll only be gone for two days, okay?"


"I've made enough food to last you for that long, okay?"


"It's all in the fridge. Don't overeat, okay?"


"Then, I'm off. See you in two days."

"See you in two days!"

Chacha waved him off at the door happily. Seravy would be gone to take care of some personal matters and Chacha would be home all alone. But she wasn't scared. She would be brave. And she would be responsible. So her teacher wouldn't worry. And he might even let her stay home alone more often. Chacha checked the fridge just to make sure all was well with the food she had.

Breakfast lunch and dinner for the next two days. She was all set. Chacha smiled to herself, feeling proud. Before she closed the door, she noticed a cockroach crawling around the inside and panicked. 


With her eyes closed, she thrust her hands out and meant to just get rid of the cockroach. Chacha caught a whiff of something burning and opened her eyes slowly. The fridge door was blown off and no longer was the inside being kept cool. Now she was panicking for another reason. Chacha scurried around, trying to figure out what to do. 

"What am I supposed to do with all of this food?! Seravy-sensei's gonna be so mad!"

Chacha stopped for a second and thought of an idea. But she would need some help. About ten minutes later, Shiine and Riiya arrived at the same time.



"Rii-burpurp-iine..." Chacha laid on her back with her stomach full to pop. "Help meeeee"

"What happened?", Shiine asked. 

"I have to eat-urp-everythiiiing..."

"But why-hey! Riiya!" Shiine tried to stop Riiya who had already begun to finish off eating what Chacha couldn't.

"What's wrong? A real man could eat all of this no problem!", Riiya grinned through a mouth full of food. "I'll help you, Chacha!"

Shiine, not wanting to lose against Riiya, began to stuff his face as well. Chacha slowly brought more to her mouth as well, filling herself to the brim. The next day, Seravy came in, all smiles.

"Chacha! I finished early! Eh?"

He was greeted with three very stuffed, very immobile children who had been knocked out by a food coma.


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