Mammon Doesn't Fall
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神獄のヴァルハラゲート | Valhalla Gate (Video Game)
Mammon (Valhalla Gate)
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Published: 2022-09-16 Words: 200

Mammon Doesn't Fall


All the while, not hearing the chants for his "failure"...


Also for 100 Fandoms, 'fall'

For the unfamiliar, 神獄のヴァルハラゲート ( ) generally seems to just be referred to as "Valhalla Gate" and is a long-running Japanese browser game. Mostly, it's a card-collector with a lot of mini-games and random collaborations. Its mascot, Mammon, is a purple rabbit-thing and the most punchable mascot I can think of and I play a lot of mobile games. ^^;;

The summon sequence features Mammon walking over to open a gate, though certain things can befall him... (including the player chanting "Fall! Fall! Fall!" at the first sight of a hazard) ...that will lead to a higher rarity pull. ^^;;

Please hope Mammon falls in a lot of holes!

Mammon Doesn't Fall

Mammon fixed his hat, smoothed his mustache, and quietly started on his way. It would be a normal day, he thought.

Quite normal.

No banana peels suddenly in his path for him to slip on, though he'd gotten much better at simply hopping over them when he saw them. Now and then, he still slipped, of course, but anybody would.

Then again, his dedication to not slipping on banana peels did make him mildly more susceptible to falling in holes. There wasn't much he could do about that, unfortunately.

But if there were no banana peels and no holes, Mammon knew he'd be safe. He could do his work, even if it felt a little disappointing somehow, and then go back and rest.

Wait, there was a bee. He'd never had a bee try to sting him, at least, but he always found himself curious about them. It seemed to be unsure about where it wanted to land, and for a moment, Mammon watched it, wavering back and forth with it.

Be he had work to do, so best ignore the bee. He'd made it this far, after all.

And there, one normal gate opened, as planned.

Mammon was pleased.


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