do I even call you that?
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ONE - Cheesy Hfj (Web Series)
Airy (ONE - Cheesy Hfj), Backpack | Liam Plecak
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Published: 2022-08-20 Words: 852

do I even call you that?


Gah, shut it. Just check in, see what he’s doing, check out.

Liam stood up, walking toward the cave. He moved the vines away from his eyes.

…he wished he didn’t.

do I even call you that?

Airy crouched, picking the reeds off the shallow water. Liam squinted, irritated.


“So what are you up here for? You gonna take me out with something behind those reeds?” Liam spat out, fury in his tone. Airy stopped, looking at him.


“What? No... I'm just collecting reeds..” Airy replied, confused. Liam sneered.


“For what?”


“Bedding.” Airy answered.


Liam huffed, anger still overwhelming his senses. He didn’t understand. Why- why was he like this?! Acting like he hasn’t taken peoples lives away from them. Fucking sick. It makes his blood boil.


Liam walks closer, but flinches by the sudden pain inside of him. It’s the cassette player shards.


“Augh. Stupid parts are too sharp…” He muttered, Airys eyes shined of interest, looking at him. Liam was confused.


“What’s that?” Asked Airy, looking at the shards. Liam looked at the broken pieces. “This?” He replied.


“Is…that the cassette player?“ Airy said. Liam felt like something was off.


“Uh…yeah?” He tilted his head, puzzled. “Do you have all the pieces?” Airy questioned.


“Why do you care?” His grip on the cassette shards was tight. What would he want with it?


“Cause…” He stares at the shards again. “…I want it.”


Liam ponders. “I'll give you the pieces IF you send everyone back tonight.”


“Yeah- yeah I'll do that.” He responded, seemingly out of it. He was…very intrigued by the cassette player.


“Airy, are you listening to me? Tonight.” Liam repeated. He stifled a sigh. “Yeah- no! No, not tonight. Uh...”


“Then you're not getting these pieces.” Liam pulled the cassette player away from Airy. Airy noticed.


“Tomorrow! Ill do it tomorrow.” Airy blurted. Liam raised his brow. “Tomorrow.” Liam said.


“Yes. Yes, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Airy nodded. Liam exhaled, giving the pieces to him. What could he want with those pieces, anyway?


“Lets go back.”



Liam tossed and turned, trying so, so hard to slumber. Unfortunately, his brain had other plans.


Liam huffed, his eyes opening. He decided he couldn’t sleep, not with the constant shuffling.


Liam stood up, noticing the lack of the golden lantern. *Probably playing with the contestants, like the sicko he is.*


He needed fresh air before rage bubbled out.


Liam opened the door, the night breeze hitting him. His brow twitched. He sat on the grassy meadows, his hands feeling the tufts of green. He sighed.


He looked at the moonlight above him, the stars shining so brightly. So, so different from the plane.


His eyes shifted to the cave, and his grip on the grass tightened. Airy must’ve been in there.


He might as well, plus, what if he’s harming them again? What if he’s torturing them? What if-


Gah, shut it. Just check in, see what he’s doing, check out.


Liam stood up, walking toward the cave. He moved the vines away from his eyes.


…he wished he didn’t.


He saw Airy, using the cassette player shards to mutilate himself, his face completely devoid of emotion. Liam shook, standing there. Airy didnt notice him at all.


"…What the hell are- are you doing?" Liam shivered, concern overwhelming him. Airy didnt respond, or tilt his head. He just kept…using the shards to hurt himself.


Liam had enough.


He walked up to the lantern and snatched the shards away from him. Airy looked at him, finally noticing him.


"…oh." Airy muttered. Liam threw the shards away, causing no reaction from the other. He seemed…distant, from the situation.


"Are- okay…Do you have any gauze?" Liam said, putting his palm on his forehead. Airy looked puzzled.


"…Why?" Airy tilted his head. "To- to- youre bleeding!" Liam shouted, confused on Airys reactions. "…oh…whoops.." Airy mumbled, rubbing his wounds with his arm. Liam sighed. "Do you…have any gauze?"


"…I don’t…know…" Airy pulled himself in his knees, seemingly out of it. "Okay, okay…" Liam checked his front pocket, searching for anything that can help.


A box of bandaids. He doesn’t remember having this. Atleast he has something.


"Okay, I’m gonna- show your arm for me, please." Liam asked, Airy hesitantly gave him his arm, showing the red scars.


"Why…why did you do this?" Liam felt the need to ask. His anger for the lantern sizzled out, leaving concern. Airy was silent for a second, before he responded.


"I…don’t remember." Airy said, leaning his head on his knee. He was tired, Liam assumed.


"You don’t…remember?" Liam tilted his head. Airy nodded. "Yeah."


"…Do you remember what happened before this?" Liam questioned, wrapping his cuts with the bandaids.


"…not really." Airy looked at the planets, humming slightly. Eventually, Liam finished, his right arm covered in bandaids. "…sorry."


"It’s- it’s okay. I’m…not mad…Well, I’m mad at you taking innocent people against their will to a gameshow, but…I’m not mad at this. I’m concerned."


Airy nodded, expression still and unmoving. Liam sat on the floor next to Airy.


"…I feel…" Airy paused. "…tired." It seemed like Airy meant to say more, but he decided against it. Liam didn’t bother pressing into it.


"Then…sleep." Liam said. Airy pondered for a second.


"…yeah, okay."


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