How to: Block fanfics/tags/users & Hide too-long tag fields
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How to: Block fanfics/tags/users & Hide too-long tag fields


Have you ever had to scroll past a fanfic with too many tags, especially on mobile where it takes forever? A fic that updates daily and has tagged over 20 fandoms that you cannot escape seeing?

Well, here's how to block a fic on AO3, or how to block stories with certain tags or even the way to block specific users whose stories you don't want to see! You will not need to download anything nor create a specific bookmark on your browser.

-Block fanfics.
-Limit the amount of visible relationship/freeform tags with a scrollbar.
-General troubleshooting if you blocked a story but it still appears. A list of common mistakes you could have made and their fixes.
-Limit the amount of visible fandom tags. (Like in chapter 1, except for fandom tags instead of relationship/freeform tags)
-Block AO3 users so you won't see any of their stories when browsing AO3.
-Block tags with AO3 savior - A step-by step guide with detailed explanations, images and examples.


Based on hiyomii's guide, but with a lot of extra features and instructions to go even further.

It's a pain to have to manually block every fic/author that over-tags, so on top of showing you how to block a specific fic, there's some additional solutions provided here that will automatically hide stories that over-tag without you needing to block them first.

Block fics & restrict tag volume size

Chapter Notes

Wei Wuxian stared at the veritable wall of tags taking up all the space on his phone. He had just wanted to go looking for some fanfics! Why did he have to scroll down thousands of tags?!

"This person is clearly abusing the tagging system..." he muttered.

Lan Wangji nodded solemnly. "Hm. Must have courtesy and integrity."

Wei Wuxian chuckled. "That's right. I wonder how many of your sect's rules this story breaks?"

"As many rules as this story has tags."

Wei Wuxian burst out laughing. "Hahah! Can't believe a fanfic is trying to have 3000 tags! There's the Gusulan Wall of Rules, and then there's this wall of tags! It hurts my eyes to look at it." He brushed away a tear of mirth. "Well, Lan Zhan, we can't just let other readers suffer like this. Let's do something about it!"

And so, both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji created a guide on how to block troublesome fanfics to protect the tired fingers of mobile-readers that didn't like scrolling down past over-tagged fics:








You might have recently come across a specific fic that updates daily and has exactly 2211 tags as of the 19th of February 2021 (I'm really not joking, I counted them myself), most of them tags not relevant to the story itself. Those tags are altogether 9211 words long! Can you imagine scrolling past that much? The fic started in the Modao Zushi fandom, but the author has recently started tagging new fandoms, often some that don't even appear in the fic.

If you're someone who looks at recently updated fics regularly, especially if you're on mobile, dealing with that can be a pain. It's a lot to scroll past. Or sometimes, there's a fic that updates daily that you don't want to read and you're tired of seeing it pop up, so you'd like to hide it permanently.

Here's how to do it! You do not need to download anything, all you need is an account on AO3.

We will be using the site skins for this. Just copy the instructions:

Note: If you do not have an AO3 account, check out the solution provided in chapter 5. It shows you how to use AO3 savior, which can block authors, tags, stories with titles you can determine (for example, blocking any story with the word 'Sexytime' in the title), etc. It's a browser extension you'll need to download, so if you don't mind downloading content outside of the AO3 site, it might be what you need.



How to block a fic


Click on the 'Hi, *your penname*' option in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose 'My Dashboard'. Then, just after 'Preferences', select 'Skins'.


Site skins and work skins are a way to change the appearance of the site or whatever work you publish. We will be creating a site skin.

Select 'Create site skin'. At the top, the option 'Write Custom CSS' should be automatically selected, with its button greyed out. If that's not the case, click on it.

Ensure that the first option, 'Type', has 'Site skin' selected and not 'Work skin'. A site skin is meant for the entire site. Give this new skin whatever title you want.

Underneath, in the CSS area, enter this:


.work-20963498 {
  display: none !important;





Then click 'Submit'. Once the skin is created, do not forget to click on the 'Use' option so that the skin is applied.



And there! The story won't appear again. If you want to use this technique to block several fics, then it'll need to appear like this:


.work-16619540 {
  display: none !important;

Just add a line with '.work-' followed by the ID of the story. Each line for each story should be separated by a comma, except the last one.

The ID of the story can be found in the story's link. 





How to use this blocking feature when you're already using another site skin (ex: Reversi, Chained Melody, etc.)


If you are using a site skin such as Reversi, you will need to merge the two skins so that you can have both Reversi and this blocking feature at the same time.

To combine several skins, copy-paste the code of the Reversi skin available here (or whichever skin you use) on a new skin you've created in the space marked 'CSS' where you can add text, and then just underneath the Reversi code, copy-paste the blocking feature. The order they appear in doesn't matter. Put one code above another or vice-versa.

Let's show how this works with an example. I will use one of the public site skins called 'Workings Hide meta skin by AO3' available here. This is the code of that skin:


/* SKIN: Workings Hide meta*/
.works-show .meta {
  display: none;

It's quite short. Now what you need to do is create a new skin following the previous instructions, and then paste onto it the code for the blocking feature and 'Working Hide meta skin by AO3'. The order doesn't matter. You could have one code after the other or vice-versa and it would work the same.

Here's the complete code:


/* SKIN: Workings Hide meta*/
.works-show .meta {
  display: none;

.work-20963498 { display: none !important; }


You can combine more than two skins by just copy-pasting several bits of code together in one skin. 



Extra features


AO3 has several public site skins available. Some change the aesthetic style of the site, others will hide certain things you don't want to see. So if you want relationship tags to be hidden, or the date, etc., then you can take a look.

Here's a great one:

The scroller. If you want fics with too many tags to automatically have some of the tags hidden without you needing to block them first, there's some code here that I use in my own skin. It's a public site skin that adds a scroller whenever the tag field gets too long. You can choose what is considered 'too long' by changing the measure. The default is 7.5, but you can modify that number according to your tastes.

The scroller code gives a result that looks like this:



And finally, a user here shows you how to make a skin that hides tags after a certain amount appears, on each story. The amount of tags visible can be modified. I haven't used it personally, so I don't know the finer details, but the link explains things well enough.



Confused by all the options? Unsure of what to use? Here's the skin I use, with several features.


If this is all a bit too complex, then let me give you a copy of the site skin I use. I use 3 features: the blocking feature; the feature that puts a scroller on a fic's tag area when there are too many tags (see image above); and finally, a feature that puts the AO3 fonts at 110%. Here's what it looks like:




Do you want the same options as I use? Then use the following skin.

Go on 'Skins', 'Create Site Skin' and paste this into the CSS option:


.work-16619540 {
  display: none !important;

li.blurb .tags {
  max-height: 8.5em;
  overflow-y: auto;

#workskin {
  font-size: 110%;


The paragraph at the start is the blocking feature, with several multi-fandom and heavily tagged fics already blocked.

The scroller is in the middle. You can adjust the 8.5 to whatever size fits your desires. The bigger it is, the more tags show up before you need to scroll down. The original public skin I took the code from uses 7.5 but I changed it to suit my needs.

The bit of code at the end is the size of the font. You can change that percentage according to your eyesight.

One you have created the site skin, don't forget to click on the 'Use' option or else it won't activate. And of course, site skins only work if you are logged in.


I hope this will be of use. :)


If you have questions, don't hesitate to speak up. If you would like to request a specific feature, tell me and I'll see what I can do. If you have tips or know useful stuff, then leave a comment and I'll share it here (with proper credit, of course).








And so, their guide completed, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji were finally able to go back to flirting in peace.

Chapter End Notes

Image credit of the first image showing how to create a skin goes to hiyomii, who kindly gave me permission after informing me that images would help makes the instructions easier to follow.

The image of the result of the scroller code is by Xparrot, used as an example on the page with the scroller skin here.

The other images are mine.

Feel free to share the code on how to block a story with as many people as possible. Hopefully if enough people block a fanfic that abuses the tagging system, said author will see a dip in hits and realize over-tagging is not the path to popularity.

I don't know who wrote the original code on how to block a fic based on its ID number. AO3 user pointysparkles is the earliest I've found that has posted about it, but I'm pretty sure they were sharing it after having read it elsewhere. If someone knows who created that code, please tell me so I can credit them.


Chapter Summary

Edit 4th of August 2021: I've decided to make this chapter a general troubleshooting post with common fixes I give people in the comments in case they encounter problems. I've added a lot of new content today so hopefully this should address any problems you might have.

If you are encountering any issues with the skin, please say so in the comments with details about what device you use and what internet browser.

Chapter Notes

Our happy pair were quite satisfied with their guide on blocking troublesome fics and hiding large amounts of tags with a scroller. However, a day later someone came to ask for help.

Lan Jingyi looked quite uncomfortable, holding his phone. “Senior Wei, I’m having a problem with your guide. Could you help me?”

“Give me that,” said Wei Wuxian. He took the phone and looked at the screen, frowning thoughtfully. “I’ll show you how to fix it.”






General Troubleshooting


Let's say you followed my guide and blocked a story, but somehow it still shows up. Here are a few potential fixes based on what might be wrong:


1. Are you using the right code? When I started this guide in February 2021, I told people to block stories with the line of code .blurb#work_000 { display: none; }.

However, two months later AO3 made a statement and told people the best way to block works was with the code .work-000 { display: none !important; }. They said that the initial code would still work, but if they made changes to the site then the 'blurb#work' code might no longer work, while the second one would continue to function.

I have since then edited my first chapter to promote the AO3-approved code instead. Normally '.blurb#work_00000' should still work, but if it doesn't, try the second line of code. Take a look at the first chapter's instructions again to be sure everything is correct. Do you have the right line of code? Those '000' need to be replaced with the story ID you want to block.

2. Did the author repost their story? It's possible they took down the original version and reposted a second one, which would then have a different story ID that you wouldn't have blocked.

If you have blocked a story and it still shows up, click on the version that still shows up and check that its URL has the same story ID as the one you blocked. So the code you need in your CSS is .work-20963498 { display: none !important; } and that should work. Just replace that number with whatever ID applies. Do not forget the little dot at the start, just before 'work'. It is crucial.

3. Are you logged in? A site skin only works if you are logged in. As soon as you log off, anything you might have blocked shows up again.

4. Have you enabled your site skin? Go look at your skin. Did you click on 'Use' to turn on the skin? You might have created the skin but forgotten to turn it on, or you accidentally turned it off. Be sure that you have clicked on 'Use'.

5. Block the author if blocking the story fails you. If nothing above works, you can just block the author on top of using the code to block the fanfic. On chapter 4, I show how to block an author.

6. Last resort - browser extension. If you continue to have problems and that neither blocking the fic or the author works with the site skin, then check out chapter 5. It shows how to use a browser extension that will block tags, authors, as well as stories that contain specific words in their title or summary. Tell it to block stories with 'Sexytimes' in their title and it should do the trick.

7. Advanced Search. If none of these work for you, then you can do what I did before I found the blocking feature. Do a search with the word -"Sexytimes with Wangxian" in your 'More Options' field, in the 'Search within results' area. You need to keep those quote marks so that it blocks the entire term, not the individual words. The minus sign tells the search that anything after the minus sign should be excluded. Then, bookmark that search in your browser's favourite links, so you can re-use it regularly.

Searching for -"apple pie" will return results with the word 'apple' and/or 'pie' but anything with the term 'apple pie' will be ignored.

If none of these solutions helped, then please come back to me with a copy of your code so I can see it for myself and maybe find the error. If one of my solutions does work, then I'd love it if you told me which one did the trick. That way if someone else needs help, I know which solution to give first.



Mobile Troubleshooting


If you’re having some troubles on mobile, here’s a quick fix.

The guide in the first chapter should work (it worked for me on all devices, and apparently does for most users in the comments), but if there’s a problem on mobile, here’s what to do:


Go look at your skin and click the ‘Edit’ button. If you don't have a skin, then create one.



Scroll down beneath the lines of code. There’s an option called ‘Advanced’. Click on ‘Show’.

Under the Media option, click on ‘All’. That should ensure the skin works on all electronic devices if it didn’t already.



If you have any problem at all, please speak up with details about the problem so I can try to help.






“It works!” exclaimed Lan Jingyi. “Thank you, Senior Wei. Now I don’t have to suffer anymore.”

Wei Wuxian ruffled the young man’s hair. “Glad to hear it. And if anyone has any problems with this guide, they can always leave a message in the comments with details about what device and browser they use, and I’ll do my best to fix the issue!”

Chapter End Notes

The author of that over-tagged fic has been adding even more fandoms to their fic.

I will add some pictures to go with this mobile fix in a few days. I'm just a bit too busy right now.

Limit visible fandom tags with scroller

Chapter Summary

Previously, you learned how to limit warnings, relationship tags and freeform tags to a set amount of space, with a scroller so you can scroll down and see hidden tags.

Now, we'll be seeing how to do that with the fandom tags too.

Chapter Notes

Lan Jingyi came back a few days later with yet another problem.

"Senior Wei, your guide has helped a lot. Stories that use too many relationship tags or freeform tags now don't take up as much space on my phone's screen. But I recently came across stories that have tagged over twenty fandoms. Is there a way to apply the scroller feature to fandom tags too?"

Wei Wuxian grabbed the young man's phone and clicked on the skin feature to begin making a few changes...











How to put fandom tags in a scroller


A few commenters noted that there is still the problem of fanfics who tag too many fandoms. How to deal with that?

The guide in chapter 1 helps limit the space that warnings/relationships/freeform tags can take up, but does nothing against fandom tags, which can also be abused.

After all, if someone adds 100 fandom tags to their story, then the scroller feature previously covered won't help much since it only works on the warning/relationship/freeform tags. It does nothing for fandom tags. So I have a fix which will put fandoms in a scroller too, creating a result that looks like this:



Now, let me show you how to do that. Do you remember the code to add the scroller that I showed you?



li.blurb .tags {
  max-height: 8.5em;
  overflow-y: auto;



Now we'll be adding a few lines of code that are exactly the same, except .tags will be .fandoms instead. And don't forget the 's' at the end. Writing .fandom won't work. So we'll have the tags scroller, and the fandom scroller underneath:



li.blurb .tags {
  max-height: 8.5em;
  overflow-y: auto;

li.blurb .fandoms {
  max-height: 3.75em;
  overflow-y: auto;



The feature that'll add a scroller to the fandom tags area is the second paragraph. I modified the maximum height to something smaller since fandoms tend to take less space. There, problem fixed!

Now, you can block fics, limit how much space tags take, and limit the space for fandoms.







Improve scroller aesthetics for better readability


The aesthetic problem I have is that I find the fandom tags and other tags a bit too close together, especially now that the scroller feature has been implemented. If you don't have great eyesight, it can cause eye strain to have the two areas so tightly packed together.

To resolve this, I added a very small line of empty space before and after the fandom area so it's better separated from the other tags.

Here's the code I added to do that:



li.blurb .header h5.heading {
  margin-bottom: 10px;
  margin-top: 10px;





It's completely optional, but I find it helps visually. You can modify the numbers to change how much blank space you'd like above and beneath the fandom area. 10px is really small, barely more than the site's default, but enough for me.








Confused? Here's my personal skin, for you to copy-paste!


If you're overwhelmed by all these options and would prefer a quick fix instead of a long lesson, then let me share my own skin with you.

My skin has all the useful features included. Just use it as your own skin and you should be good. And remember that once a skin is created, you need to click on 'use' to actually use it, or nothing will happen.

Here's my skin, with an explanation underneath of what each paragraph does:



.work-29607543 {
  display: none;

li.blurb .tags {
  max-height: 8.5em;
  overflow-y: auto;

li.blurb .fandoms {
  max-height: 3.75em;
  overflow-y: auto;

li.blurb .header h5.heading {
  margin-bottom: 10px;
  margin-top: 10px;

#workskin {
  font-size: 110%;



The 1st paragraph is the blocking option. I already have 26 fics blocked, including Sexy times with Wangxian, the over-tagged story that started all of this. All of the fanfics I have blocked are over-taggers that usually have over 5 fandoms tagged and a lot of relationship tags. They tend to be multi-fandom snippet collections or basically stories that are largely plotless.

You can just use my block-list too so you don't have to go through the trouble of finding these stories and needing to block them yourself. Remember that to block a story, all you need is the ID number of that story (found in the link to the story) and add it to the block list.

The 2nd paragraph is the scroller feature for warning/relationship/freeform tags. You can modify the 8.5 number to whatever you'd prefer. It represents the amount of space tags are limited to.

The 3rd paragraph is the scroller feature for fandom tags. The max-height is smaller because most fics only need one or two lines for fandom tags. You can also modify the number as you wish.

The 4th paragraph adds a line of empty space before and after the fandom tags. This is mainly for the visual aspect, so the text 'breathes' a bit more. It's the equivalent of the 'space before/after paragraph' option on a word processor.

The 5th and final paragraph makes the font size of the site go from 100% to 110%. This helps me read better so I don't need to squint.


Here's the final result if you use that skin, though I can't show you the blocking feature, since such stories would not appear. So the only thing you can see are the scrollers for the fandoms and story tags:



In conclusion, the first three paragraphs are the really useful ones. The last two help improve the visual side of things so your eyes don't strain as much. You can either copy-paste the whole code to use as your skin, or only keep the first three paragraphs.










"Thank you, Senior Wei!" said Lan Jingyi, holding his phone gratefully. "Not that many stories tag over ten fandoms, but the ones that do are a bane to a user's reading experience."

"That's what series are for," said Wei Wuxian. "You can split a collection of snippets into smaller stories. That way there are less tags per story, an everyone is happy." He shrugged. "But sometimes, people over-tag without realizing how irritating it can be, or they do it for attention or to annoy people. You can't expect everyone to be as polite as a Lan."

Chapter End Notes

ZeroaScatter is the first commenter who pointed out how to add a scroller to the fandom area too. I hadn't realized it might also be an area where people could over-tag until it was mentioned. Some other commenters pointed out the fandom scroller option afterwards.

I would also like to mention that the author of Sexy Times with Wangxian has been suspended for a month. It's because of something unrelated to the over-tagging issue, as walls of tags are not considered against the rules.

The author has stated that once the suspension is over, they'll be back and continuing previous behaviour, adding even more fandoms and tags to their stories. If you want to block that fic in particular, then this is the line you'll want in your blocking code: .work-20963498

It's already in my site skin which I share at the end of this chapter.

Blocking users

Chapter Summary

Here is how to block specific users so their stories don't appear.

Chapter Notes

Wei Wuxian came barreling out of nowhere, running towards Lan Wangji.

“Lan Zhan, guess what!”

Lan Wangji raised his eyes, unperturbed. “Hm?”

“There’s a way to block users now! AO3 added a new feature to their coding which means we can make skins to block users!” He held out his phone. “Look, here’s how you block a user!”










How to block a user


Recently, AO3 changed their code so that user IDs are linked to stories. That way, we can now block specific users, on top of being able to block fics.

To do so, find the user you want to block. Click on their profile.

There will be three sections:




My pseuds

I joined on

My user ID is




Copy the user ID number. For this exercise, we will use the ID 6054398, which is the ID of that Modao Zushi fanfic that has >5K words in their tags, leading to many frustrated users needing to scroll past such a sizeable story.

Now, go on your profile and select ‘Skins’. You can either create a new skin, or modify the one you are already using. Then add this line to block the user with the ID 6054398:


.user-6054398 {
  display: none !important;




That’s all there is to it!

If you don't understand how to create a skin, then go on the first chapter. It is explained step-by-step, with a lot more detail.


And if you want to block several users, then the format needs to look like this:


.user-2222222 {
  display: none !important;


I hope this was helpful!


Remember that when you create a skin, you need to click on 'use', for it to start working. And also, a user ID can have less or more digits than the example I gave. It depends on when the user created their account. So don't be surprised if you find a user ID with only three digits. It's because that person joined very early on.

Chapter End Notes

This will hide a blocked user's stories from your sight only. This will NOT prevent the user from seeing or interacting with your works.

If you are having trouble with someone sending comments you don't want to receive, then I would suggest turning on comment moderation, or limiting comments to signed-in users only.

Blocking Tags

Chapter Summary

Would you like to block stories with specific tags from your view? Here's how to do it with AO3 savior.

This chapter will explain everything with a step-by-step detailed guide and examples.

Chapter Notes

Lan Jingyi had no end of troubles, it seemed, because a day later he came to ask Wei Wuxian for more advice.

“Senior Wei, is there a way to block a specific tag on AO3? Is there a way to block tags automatically, so I don’t need to filter them out manually whenever I do a search?”

Wei Wuxian clapped his hands together. “I’m glad you asked, because I have just the thing for you!”








I’m sure there are plenty of people who have tags they want to exclude permanently. Maybe you want any fics with the tag ‘Bad Ending’ to be hidden from your sight. Or perhaps you don’t like AUs that take away the magical element from canon, so you want to hide any story tagged with ‘Alternate Universe - No Powers’.

If you wish to block tags, you will need to use a solution that is not part of the AO3 site functions. That means downloading a third-party browser extension called AO3 savior.

A lot of people use it, so it’s considered quite safe. As of now, there are no ways to block tags with a skin, so your only solution is AO3 savior.

Let me start by explaining quickly how it works, and then I’ll show you how to download what you need.

To use AO3 savior, you need two things: The AO3 savior script and Tampermonkey.

Tampermonkey is a browser add-on that reads scripts that people have coded and executes them. In this case, the AO3 script will tell Tampermonkey what to do and how to do it.

The script itself has all the necessary code to block out unwanted tags, while Tampermonkey executes.


Installing Tampermonkey

First, let’s download Tampermonkey.

This is a link to the version for Microsoft Edge. If you use another browser, then on that page there is a list where you can pick the one you use and find the right version of Tampermonkey.

Sometimes, there will be multiple download buttons like you see in the image below. You need to look at your browser settings to find out which version of the browser you have so that you know which version to install. Most people have the latest version, so if you’re unsure, just click on the first download button, to the left.


Installing Tampermonkey



Installing AO3 savior

Now, it’s time to install AO3 savior:


Installing AO3 savior


Clicking on the ‘install this script’ option will open up a Tampermonkey window with a second ‘Install’ button. Click on it.


Installing AO3 savior


Be aware that it goes really fast and will just close to window as soon as you click. When I downloaded it, I thought something went wrong because no progress bar appeared to show the script being downloaded. To check that the script was installed, click on the Tampermonkey icon on your browser, and then dashboard. It will open a page where you can see what scripts you have installed. AO3 savior should be there.


Opening Tampermonkey Dashboard


Tampermonkey Dashboard


Now that we have this, we need to install a second script, AO3 savior config.

Why do we need to do this?

Well, if there’s an update to the AO3 savior code, all your blocking settings will be erased. So the blocking script is separate from the config script, which has your specific settings.

Please head over to the AO3 savior config page:

Now install it by following the same steps for installing AO3 savior.

Once you’re done, your Tampermonkey dashboard should have both scripts in it.


Tampermonkey Dashboard with both scripts


Good job so far! We’re nearly done!

Now, I’d like you to restart your browser. Close all open tabs and windows. Once you’re done, you can open a new window.

(Note: If there are any issues and the script won’t work, then maybe restarting your computer will do the trick, since it’s a more drastic version of restarting your browser.)


Telling the script what tags to block

Next step! Go to your Tampermonkey dashboard by clicking on the Tampermonkey extension icon in your browser.

For the script AO3 savior config, click on the ‘Edit’ icon to the far right, between the ‘Report a bug’ icon and ‘Delete’ icon. The ‘Edit’ icon looks like a square with a pencil aimed at it.


Edit Button on Tampermonkey Dashboard


Now we’ll enter the stuff we want to block. The way to do it might seem intimidating at first glance, but it’s really quite easy.

Scroll down until you arrive to the tagBlacklist part.

As you can see, there are already three tags added as an example:

['dobby', 'jar jar binks', '*mimes']


Exclude Tags of AO3 Config


Now, let’s replace them with tags we don’t want. The important fact is that you need to keep the square brackets and the apostrophes. The code won’t work without them! I also know that there are vertical apostrophes and slanted apostrophes, and depending on your keyboard you might write one version or the other.

I am not sure if slanted apostrophes would work, so be sure to use the exact same vertical ones as in the example. Copy-paste them if needed.

Every tag has a comma after it except the last one, so be careful about that.

If you need an example, here’s my version:

    // Exclude works with a tag that matches at least one term. Use * for wildcard.
    tagBlacklist: ['Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Spoilers', 'Alternate Universe - No Powers', 'Reader-Insert', 'Alternate Universe - Muggle', '* Weasley Bashing', '*Reader', 'Reader*'],

I’m currently obsessed with Jujutsu Kaisen since watching the phenomenal anime, but I haven’t caught up with the manga yet, so I have that tag in my blacklist. I also dislike No Powers AUs and Reader-Inserts, so those are out.

The part written as '*Reader', 'Reader*' will ensure that if a writer has not added the ‘Reader-Insert’ tag to the story but has a relationship tag like ‘Loki/Reader’, for example, then the story will be hidden anyways. A lot of Reader-Inserts do not have the ‘Reader-Insert’ tag and just have the word ‘Reader’ in the relationship tag, so that’s why I have so many versions of ‘Reader’ in my blacklist.

Finally, I added the term ‘* Weasley Bashing’ because I don’t like Harry Potter fanfics who bash any member of the Weasley family, so stories with tags such as ‘Ginny Weasley Bashing’ or ‘Ron Weasley Bashing’ won’t show up because I blocked the term ‘* Weasley Bashing’.

The asterisk means ‘anything’. It replaces any term.

So if you want to use the asterisk, you can write ‘apple*’, which will block tags like ‘Apple’, ‘Apples’ and ‘Applesauce’.

Are you done writing what tags you want to block?



Now we need to remember to save. Click on ‘File’, and then save your edits.


Save your edits on AO3 config



Final Result

Now if you search for a fic with one of the tags you’ve blocked, it will show you a hidden work, as well as a reason why the work was hidden. There’s an option to un-hide the work if you want to see what it is.


Example of works hidden by AO3 savior


Also, while the AO3 site has tag wranglers who marked ‘Modern AU’ and ‘Alternate Universe – Modern Setting’ as synonymous tags, AO3 savior will view them as different tags. So if you’ve blocked one, then be sure to block the other too or the other will still show up.


Doesn't work? Here's a fix

AO3 savior does not work if, in your Preferences, you have checked the ‘Hide additional tags’ option. If AO3 savior does not work for you, then you need to uncheck this option.


Unchecking 'Hide Additional Tags'


If you really want to keep the ‘Hide additional tags’ option, then I understand and have a solution. I use that option myself to hide freeform tags because sometimes author’s over-tag and clog up my screen. To ensure tags do not take too much space on your screen despite being forced to uncheck ‘Hide additional tags’ in your Preferences, then you should install the scroller skin to give you results like this:


Example of story with tags hidden behind a scroller


There’s a detailed guide on how to do it in chapter 1.

With the scroller of chapter 1, you can limit the size a fanfic’s tag field can take on your screen, and with AO3 savior, you can block tags.

AO3 savior also allows you to block authors, but I suggest you use a skin instead, following the method I explain in chapter 4. If you block an author with AO3 savior, you use their penname to block them, and the moment they change their name they won’t be blocked anymore. But with the site skin option, you block their user ID, so it’s more permanent that way.

Hopefully this helped! Rejoice, because you can now block tags you don’t want to see!






“Thanking Senior Wei,” said Lan Jingyi with a bow.

Wei Wuxian waved it off. “It was a pleasure to help.”


Chapter End Notes

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I hope this resource will be useful to some of you. :)


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